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The Role of the Pharmacist in Emergency Care and Bioterrorism

Across the United States, people are afraid. Parents are warning their children not to open the mail. Office workers worry about incoming mail and grouse that their bosses would order safety precaution more quickly if they, themselves, were handling the mail.

Having just returned from the American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia (home of the Centers for Disease Control - CDC), I think it would be advantageous to look at some of the issues involved in the pharmacist's role in emergency preparedness and bioterrorism.

Many questions about bioterrorism remain unanswered: What sort of precautions should pharmacies, government agencies and average folks take? What should people stop worrying about?

More than ever, American pharmacists need credible information and advice to pass on to their patients and customers as follows:

   Bioterrorism FAQ's  

   The CDC on Bioterrorism  

   Some General Guidelines  

   Pharmacists Preparedness Checklist  

   Some Cautions  

   An Anthrax Primer  

   Anthrax Q & A  

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