PPSI 2017-18 Membership Information

45th Year Distinguished Person/Year Break at
March 18, 2018: SUNDAY 6AM-9AM APhA- OMNI Hotel Nashville Tennessee 

The 26th Annual Bill Bacon Breakfast  at
April 15, 2018: SUNDAY  6AM-9AM  CPhA, San Diego CA Marriott Marquis Hotel

Pre-FIP conference Bus Trip August 25-August 30, 2018 Edinburgh, Scotland   and 
September 1, 2018, Saturday PPSI Annual IPH Conference Glasgow, Scotland

November 10-14, 2018 APHA (American Public health) San Diego CA

FREE OF CHARGE TO PPSI MEMBERS!!! CE handouts PPSI – dietary supplements, medication errors, education adherence, Type II Diabetes, pain management , Insomnia Treatments, current and future trends.

A note from PPSI about our changes

PPSI has spearheaded  success in bringing Pharmacists into lead roles in many nationwide public health campaigns. Our successes include the creation of the Great American Smoke Out, National Condom Week, Safety Caps on Prescription Vials and many other national public health campaigns. For next year, our initiatives will focus on the important issues of medical cannabis, BCP’s, and asthma/COPD and the necessary role to be played by Pharmacists.

The role of the Pharmacist is critical. We deliver proper medications, counsel patients on proper use and inform them of hazards and conflicts with other medicines. PPSI is turning its attention to assure that Pharmacists receive proper compensation for the time they spend working with and counseling patients, especially in cannabis, COPD, and BCP’s.

In the coming year, 2017, PPSI will be changing its non-profit organizational structure. Up until now, our success has rested largely on the expertise, goodwill and promotional abilities of its Founder and President, Fred Mayer. Now at age 84, he will be stepping down as President. The Board of Directors will be hiring a new director and obtaining funding for a small number of key staff. This will ensure that important work of the past can continue into the future.

We need your help. In the past, a small minority of the 2,000 registered California independent pharmacy owners have become paid PPSI members. Yet almost all of you have benefited from PPSI programs. This has been possible because of the leadership of Fred and his ability to recruit experts – for little or no compensation – to provide accredited continuing pharmacy education programs. 

Next year, the new PPSI Director and staff will be supported by more paid memberships. Funding for PPSI programs also will be provided from our board members, foundations, government agencies and multi-client research and education projects.

PPSI membership will be required for Pharmacists to participate in the PPSI accredited courses. Members will get a 20% reduction on all courses and presentations next year. These reduced costs will more than pay for your annual membership.

Please join PPSI for $150 and pay your 2017 membership dues NOW.
We also accept contributions to PPSI’s Pharmacy Defense Fund (PDF) which engages lawyers in defense of Independent Pharmacies and Practicing Pharmacists.

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to continuing and broadening our efforts under PPSI’s revised organizational structure. Please send your important contribution today.

Many, many thanks,

Fred Mayer, President   |   Paul Lofholm, PPSI Board   |   Phil Grauss, PPSI Board

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