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Condom, France
The creation of a condom information point will meet the need to conserve and present to the public as part of both a cultural and scientific scheme objects and documents relating to the condom from a historical, medical, social and technical perspective.

General Principles

Through collections which will be researched, acquired and displayed in permanent exhibition rooms, a very broad historical and scientific picture will be presented covering the periods from antiquity to the present day in chronological order. A temporary exhibition space will provide the opportunity to supplement the general scheme with a more detailed look at particular aspect of the subject through a program of regular themed exhibitions designed either for the museum only or as a touring exhibition afterwards for other national and international venues.

This building will be designed to conserve objects and documents gathered by collection, donation or acquisition, which will constitute the core of the collection, with an emphasis on assembling high quality exhibits to reflect the theme of the museum and constitute an international documentary reference resource. In addition, the measure necessary to provide the right physical and technical conditions for their conservation will be taken.

The very great diversity and size of the collections, treated and displayed using the very latest museological techniques will help to create a lively and attractive display on the main themes illustrated, thus making the subject accessible to the widest possible audience.

Scientific and Cultural Content

The range of subjects envisaged by the Scientific Committee in designing the permanent display is very broad. Some will be selected and grouped around the most significant focal points of historical, medical or technical research.

Links will be provided to establish a logical sequence for visitors and introduce them to the sociological, behavioral and cultural aspects associated with the general problem of the establishment and more delicate for a general audience because they will appeal more to individual sensitivity.

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