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Spring is traditionally the time of rebirth, filled with blooming flowers and warm sunny days. But the season also marks the beginning of months of sneezing, wheezing, and sinus congestion for many individuals. The warm weather and bursting blooms mean the release of countless airborne pollens and molds. It is the beginning of the spring allergy season. While these tiny "invaders" are necessary for the plant regeneration that occurs every spring, they mean nothing but trouble for millions of Americans.

The change of seasons reminds us that it's not only time to venture out again, but time for spring cleaning to reduce allergic triggers that cause stuffy noses and asthma flare-ups. Layers of dust, mildew and other allergen-harboring substances may cling to upholstered furniture and bedding in tightly closed and insulated homes. Furnaces, air conditioners and heating/cooling ducts can harbor dust, mold and bacteria, while carpets collect pet dander, dirt and dust mites.

In this segment about allergies and asthma, we look further into these two related subjects and hopefully shed some light on them. We hope the information provided on these pages can, directly or indirectly, provide some relief for these millions of sufferers. We also encourage you to visit other public health sites to gather more information on this important topic.

  What is an Allergy?  

  Some Facts about Allergies - Did You Know?  

  What About Pollen?  

  Some DOs and DON'Ts  

  Learn about Asthma  

  Asthma - Frequently Asked Questions  

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